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Our Heritage

McNabb Funeral Home is a family owned and operated business and we are proud of our family ties and hold fast to the values they left to us. We are the descendants of Herman McNabb from whose mind sprang the idea to begin McNabb Funeral Home in the long ago,

Herman McNabb was a banker in Maynard in 1926 when he and Mr. Alf Lewis decided to begin a mortuary service/furniture store in Pocahontas, Arkansas. Later, Herman McNabb and his wife, Nelle Lehman McNabb took over the mortuary service and left the furniture store with Mr. Lewis. He operated in a building just off the court square in downtown Pocahontas, A new building was constructed on the corner of Pyburn and Van Bibber in 1945. McNabb Funeral home provided the county with the only ambulance service until 1975.

Mr. And Mrs. McNabb had two sons, H. Gardner McNabb and M. Clifford McNabb and two daughters, Mary Nelle Spikes King and Virginia Bland. Both sons became licensed embalmers and funeral directors and both served in the military during World War II. They were in service in 1945 when Mr. Herman McNabb was killed in an ambulance accident. Both men were allowed to return home to help Mrs. McNabb with the business. Both were active in the business until their deaths in 1986.

H. Gardner had two sons, Mike McNabb and Henry G.”Hank” McNabb Jr who bought the business in 1986. They broke ground on the new location in 1993 and moved in the new Funeral Home in 1994. In 2004 Hank McNabb bought his brothers interest in the business. In September 2011 Hank expanded the business when he bought Gregg Funeral Homes in Jonesboro, Monette ,Caraway and Gregg-Weston Funeral Home in Harrisburg. He also bought the Langford Bookout Funeral Home in Jonesboro, and he merged the Langford Bookout Funeral Home into the now Gregg-Langford Bookout Funeral Home of Jonesboro.

In 2009 Hank McNabb started a wholesale casket company in Little Rock that serves funeral homes in the central part of the state. This business was expanded in 2013 and a warehouse was opened in Pocahontas to serve our four locations and other local funeral homes in the area.

The loyal and hard-working business ideals of our ancestors can still be seen in the way we treat our customers today. Let us know how we can help you.

Our Humble Beginnings

In the early thirties, Clifford and Gardner McNabb, sons of Herman and Nelle McNabb began learning the profession of funeral direction and embalming under the guidance of their parents.

In the beginning, the only hearse owned by the business was an early T-model Ford funeral car!

In the forties, Clifford and Gardner went to war to fight for our country in the navy. During this time, Herman passed away, leaving Mrs. McNabb to operate the funeral home alone, until Clifford and Gardner were released from active duty.

In December of 1947, we moved into a new location and in 1950, McNabb’s had rendered ambulance service for over 700 people, while 160 families had selected McNabb’s to take care of their family funeral needs.

McNabb Funeral Home is a member of the following associations: National Funeral Directors’ Association, Arkansas Funeral Directors’ Association, Northeast Arkansas Funeral Directors’ Association, Selected Funeral and Life Insurance Company, Arkansas Burial Association, & Arkansas Insurance Department.

There were just five stores in Jonesboro, Arkansas, in 1877, the year J. B. Gregg first opened the doors of his funeral home at 510 S. Main Street. He made all the coffins by hand. In 1929, the funeral home was just too small, he built a new one, that was located at 726 S. Main. On the centennial anniversary of its founding, Gregg Funeral Home began plans for its new building and has served the families of Jonesboro in its current location since 1979.

In 1935 the Gregg family opened second funeral home in Monette in a small store on Drew Street. In 1950, it was relocated to a different facility on the corner of Drew and N. Williams and a new building was built in 1963 at its present location.

In April 2009, Gregg added Gregg-Weston Funeral Home in Harrisburg to the family.

In 1899, Langford Funeral Home opened in Jonesboro, the name was later changed to Langford-Bookout Funeral Home.

In October 2011, all of the Gregg Funeral Homes and Langford-Bookout Funeral Home were added to the McNabb Funeral Home family.

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