Funeral Services

Sometimes the thought of planning a funeral seems too difficult for those who've suffered a loss. We're here to help lighten your burden and remind you of the true value a ceremony can hold for you and your family.


Funeral Services
Whether choosing burial or cremation services, our caring staff will present you with the best options for making arrangements that celebrate the life of your loved one, honor his or her wishes and meet your financial needs.





Burial Services

There are different elements you can choose from when arranging a burial, depending upon your individual needs and preferences:



Immediate Burial 

With immediate burial, the physical remains are buried or entombed without delay.


A visitation, either held the day before or hours before the funeral service, provides family friends and extended family with the opportunity to say goodbye and offer their support and sympathy.

Funeral or Memorial Services

Services may be held at the funeral home, a church, your home or any event space. You may be as involved as you like when designing a service, adding personalization to tell your loved one’s story in a unique way.

Graveside, Chapel, or Committal Services

These are services held at the cemetery with family and friends present for transferring their loved one to his or her final resting place. 

Cremation Services


Many think that with cremation, there is no option for visitation or funeral services, but that isn't the case. Visitations may still be held to give family members and friends the chance to gather, say farewells and offer condolences. 


Funeral and Memorial Services

Cremation services still allow for a funeral beforehand or if the family prefers, a final viewing. Memorial services may also be arranged, with family and friends gathered to pay tribute to the life of your loved one.

Graveside Services

If interring or entombing cremated remains, families may choose to simply gather at the final resting place for a graveside service.


Whether you need a single urn or multiple urns, we have a selection that will suit the needs of your family. Sometimes family members separated by distance will opt for multiple urns so each may feel close to the loved one's final resting place. 

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