Where to Start

Families are often overwhelmed by the death of a loved one and understandably so. There are so many decisions to make, all while managing grief and a host of other emotions. When it comes to making funeral arrangements, we recommend approaching your options in two stages: decisions to make about the service and decisions to make about the physical remains.


Designing a Service

A memorial or funeral service can take place in a number of settings and be as personal and unique as you want. Of course, our facilities have the spaces to accommodate your needs, but you may prefer to have the service at a church, your home or at the grave site. We can help you lay out the program, or it can be entirely your own creation—from eulogies, sermons and readings to music, slideshows and videos.

Caring for a Loved One's Physical Remains

This can be the most difficult decision families have to make when it comes to planning a funeral. Our staff understands this and will walk you through all of the considerations to make when choosing either burial or cremation for your loved one. With burial, you’ll need to select a casket and a cemetery as well as whether to bury in the ground or entomb. Similar decisions are to be made for cremation: an urn (or urns) and location for burial, entombment or scattering.

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